Welcome to my website, I'm currently rebuilding it, so expect a new version soon after having a look now!

Bienvenue sur mon site, il est en cours de refonte, donc revenez bientôt pour en découvrir les nouveautés!

Dec 10, 2013 : This is a BRAND NEW project by Google, "Open Gallery" and I'm part of the worldwide launch (45 galleries thoughout the world so far!), check my space with the following link : http://quentin.culturalspot.org/home

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My picture for an Ozed ad June 2013  

Air Line  

Old tatooed man in New York City  


Woof woof  

Ballooon !  

Look at me baby girl  

Hors champs  

The fog coming over NYC's rooftops  

Coney Island  

Espana en Paris  

New York City  

La grande roue Place de la Concorde